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Coventry-Based Experts in Clutch Repair

With over 30 years of experience providing high quality clutch repairs and replacements throughout Coventry, our team are well equipped to carry out high quality vehicle services for all of our customers.

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If you’re having issues with your gearbox, visit the team at Clutch Brakes Mechanical Services, based in Coventry. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to provide the best clutch and brake repairs in the local area. We’re local specialists, and 2-year warranties are provided on all clutch discs and replacements. Whether you’re having problems with your dual mass flywheel or sticky brakes, we’re here for you.

Keeping your clutch in perfect working order is important in ensuring your car runs safely and smoothly. If you notice any grinding or stiffness, then be sure to get it checked out immediately to avoid any further damage. If your clutch doesn’t release, and the gearbox meets with resistance when changing gears or if it becomes harder to push and its path is longer, then your clutch may need replacing. Call us today to enquire further.

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Our History

Established in 1981, we’ve built a fantastic reputation over the last 30 years. Although we specialise in clutch and brake repairs, we’re also available for all types of mechanical work. We’re conveniently located in Spon End, near the city, and welcome customers old and new. You can depend on us to provide free checks for all brake and clutch problems.

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