Vehicle Battery Testing & Replacement

The Best Vehicle Battery Service in Coventry

At Spon End Clutch & Brake Services we provide a comprehensive vehicle battery service. Including battery testing, electric system checks for energy leakage and battery replacements.  We only stock the best quality Car Batteries which deliver the performance your vehicle needs, whether it be cold starts or the increased electrical demands of modern engines.  We will be able to assess your needs and provide you with  a Car Battery that will best suit your needs and budget.

Your vehicles battery is something which should not be neglected because it keeps the vehicle running & supplies energy. If your car battery is weak, the chances of other faults developing and a sudden breakdown increase.
We can help you with:

  • Full Battery Inspection

  • Electrical System Leakage Checks

  • Battery Replacements

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If My Battery Needs Looking At?

You should look out for any of the following symptoms:-

  • When starting your vehicle in the morning your starter motor struggles to turn over
  • Your headlights become dimmer
  • Check Engine Light comes on
  • Your engine misfires
  • If your battery casing looks Bloated

How Much Does Your Battery Service Cost?

Please give us a call or send a text to 07956 184 689 and we’ll get back to you with a competitive quotation. We do not like high pressure sales techniques, so you will not get that from us. If you find a better like for like quotation, we would like to know about it so we can match or even better it!

Where are you located?

We are not far from Coventry City Centre at Unit 2 Arches Ind Est, Butts Road, Spon End, Coventry, CV13JQ. This is approximatelt a 10 minute walk from Ikea. See the map below.


My wife phoned this morning – brakes were making a strange noise. Needed to find someone to check and replace them quickly. Phone Spon End Clutch & Brake – was offered a same day slot. Job was completed quickly, ahead of time. Price charged was reasonable. Friendly service. Recommended.
SPON END CLUTCH & BRAKE SERVICES - The Best Garage in Coventry For Servicing and Repairs

S P Templeton

SPON END CLUTCH & BRAKE SERVICES - The Best Garage in Coventry For Servicing and Repairs

Our History

Established in 1981, we’ve built a fantastic reputation over the last 38 years. Although we specialise in clutch and brake repairs, we’re also available for all types of mechanical work. We’re conveniently located in Spon End, near the city centre (a 10 minute walk from Ikea), and welcome customers old and new. You can depend on us to provide free checks for all brake and clutch problems.

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SPON END CLUTCH & BRAKE SERVICES - The Best Garage in Coventry For Servicing and Repairs

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